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I played accordion most of my life. Started in 1951 when I was 6 years old. During the 80’s and 90’s, my ex and I played as a duo known as the Good Time Two. We parted ways in 2008 and I did not play much after that.

My wonderful Iorio Accorgon weighed 29 pounds and became way to heavy for me to lift. In 2019 I decided to get a smaller accordion that I could handle.  I bought a small, 14 pound Roland FR 1X.  It was a nice size, but the keyboard was too small. So in 2020 I bought a larger version, Roland FR 4X Accordion. It has wonderful accordion, organ and orchestra sounds. It is a virtual accordion which uses all sampled sounds.

My friends want to hear me play the new accordion, so I started making a few videos. At this age, my friends are scattered all over the US. So through the wonderful world of the internet, I can share with them. Maybe make some new friends along the way. So I am still playing at 77and having lots of fun with the new accordion.

I missed playing a traditional acoustic accordion, so I have bought several along the way. They are very nice for certain kinds of music.

Two kinds of accordions  allows me a great variety of sounds to play my music with.

I  enjoy playing for small groups, nursing homes and senior centers.  I play a large variety of music from big band, ballads, singalongs and for special holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.

The music I enjoy playing is featured below in my videos.

All of my videos are originally posted on my YouTube page


Accordion Player Patricia Walter playing at O'Neil Senior Center

Pat entertaining at the O’Neil Senior Center and other places.  Always fun playing the old songs for the youngsters!

Patricia Walter playing at the Pines Marietta OH
Patricia Walter playing at the Pines Marietta OH

I hope you enjoy my music. A variety of my videos are available.